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Basic road safety signs are why they are worthy of attention.

Road signs serves different purpose on the road especially for the drivers, one this is to alert the driver for incoming hazards like road construction and road curves or steep hills as a result the driver can think ahead for the proper decision making of his speed and detour. It is also help pedestrian to guide on where they can cross the street and when they should not. These are just examples on why road signs are important in our everyday lives.

In the Philippines the authority that governing concerns of the road safety are the Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works and Highways, furthermore private companies and subdivision administration are also giving concerns to have road safety signs in their premises for better safety of the vehicles and pedestrian in their area, thus LPE is maintaining its high standard in road signs making and supplier in the country.

why road signs are important

Difference between Regulatory signs and Warning signs


These signs include stop signs, yield signs, parking regulation signs, traffic signs such as “No Turn on Red” and “Inner Lane must turn Left”, one way traffic sign and vehicle class type sign

One way road sign

Warning signs are installed to alert the driver for incoming road hazards. These signs include sharp curve signs, construction ahead signs, steep hills, intersection, pedestrian crossing and school zone.

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No Entry Road Signs

No Entry Sign

Substrate: 12in x 18in by 3mm Aluminum

Layer(s): Engr. prismatic sheet base with reflective print on top

Design: NO ENTRY

No Entry Road Signs

No Entry Sign

No entry Sign

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