About Us

Ensuring high quality safety sign product in the Philippines.

With our industrial quality materials (Photo Luminescent; Glow-in-the-dark and 3M Reflective Sheets) and production specialist staff, rest assured that our product will be made with integrity and commitment for every ones safety.

Our Core Values




Our Mission

The MISSION of LPE Safety Signs is to ensure that you will reach the nearest egress and safety equipment when emergency happen inside your workplace, facility, plant or even inside your house.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to continuously help and ensure that every workplace, plant and house will be safe at any risk of fire or natural disaster by using effective safety sign to quickly reach their safety equipment and egress.

Our Story

Lance Pierre Enterprise was established January of 2015 by its owner Mr. and Mrs. Hennessy and Jeanland Bautista. Its previous name was Jheazzy Printbiz Center launched in November of 2010. Primarily intended to operate for document printing but eventually develop into different kinds of printing services in order to accommodate customer’s needs. 

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