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That the Philippines is known for its location in the pacific ring of fire, hence earthquakes and tropical cyclones are frequently encountered in the country. According to PAGASA’s statistics, about twenty typhoons pass here each year. Furthermore, man-made emergencies such as fires and explosions are also experienced in home, office or workplace and in public places.

Glow in the dark safety signs

One of the ways to reduce casualties due to accident is to install safety signs. And one of the material used to make these is Photo Luminescent or Glow in the dark vinyl that is used to make safety signs and evacuation plans that helps people see the exit paths and egress more quickly by illuminating them when the light goes out. With that it can also help identify safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets in the dark. 

Your reliable safety signs supplier

LPE’s objective is to help companies to have a reliable safety signs supplier and partner in occupational safety and health center here in the Philippines. And because of that, we can do a site visit if the company request it, so we can recommend and suggest the type of safety signs they will need in certain area.

We cater clients from Metro Manila and all over the Philippines. In addition there are companies that have trusted us from prominent Economic zones and Industrial Parks of the country,  Cavite Economic zone or known as EPZA, LIMA in Batangas and Light Industry & Science Park in Batangas as well are some of the examples.

As a mark of integrity, we make sure that the product that we are serving passed the standard of the Fire Safety Code of the Philippines. We also give our effort to ensure that every road sign that we make are effective in road safety standard and will help to increase the safety of every one on the road.

We proudly present our clients that trusted LPE Safety Signs. We already serve customers all over the country.

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